(white bread, brown bread or ciabatta)


 Mature Cheddar with tomato and country garden chutney (v)            £4.75


Buffalo Mozzarella, tomato and pesto (v)                                              £5.25


BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato)                                                            £5.75


Warm Brie, crispy bacon and button mushroom                                   £5.75


Sausage with caramelised onion and Dijon mustard                            £5.75


Prawn cocktail with avocado, cucumber and iceberg lettuce               £6.00


Home-made breaded fish fingers, tartare sauce and mixed leaves      £6.50


Club Sandwich – Fresh chicken breast, bacon, crisp iceberg and
sliced tomato, with mayonnaise in three slices of toasted bread         £8.00



Bar Snacks


Skinny chips                           £2.50           Garlic bread                     £3.00


Triple cooked chips                £3.50           Onion rings                      £3.50


Cheesy chips                           £4.00           Cheesy garlic bread         £4.00


Scampi                                    £7.00           Hot dog                            £7.00