Appetisers / Starters


Bread and olives with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (v)                  £3.50


Soup of the day served with warm ciabatta (v)                                 £5.00


Buffalo Mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil salad with pesto (v)    £5.50


Wild mushroom bruschetta with rocket and truffle oil (v)                £5.50


Prawn cocktail with avocado, cucumber and Marie Rose sauce      £6.00



Pub Classics


(smaller portion available for certain dishes)


Ham, egg and skinny chips                                                      £7.00/£9.50


Scampi with skinny chips and garden peas                            £7.50/£10.00


Chicken goujons with skinny chips, coleslaw,
avocado and salad                                                                £7.50/£10.00


Sausage and mash with onion gravy and peas
(vegetarian/vegan option available)                                     £7.50/£10.50


Beer battered fish, triple cooked chips and tartare sauce

with a choice of mushy peas or garden peas                        £8.00/£11.50


Pie of the day with triple cooked chips or mash,
vegetables and gravy                                                                       £13.50


Fillet steak served with triple cooked chips, grilled tomato,
button mushrooms and salad                                                          £23.00


Add: peppercorn sauce, blue cheese sauce or garlic butter                £2.00



Side Dishes


Skinny chips   £2.50       Triple cooked chips   £3.50


Creamy mashed potato £3.00       Garlic bread   £3.00


Steamed greens   £3.00       House salad   £3.50       Onion rings   £3.50


Key: (v) = suitable for vegetarians        (ve) = suitable for vegans